An Online Directory of Barn & Rustic Venues in New England

to help engaged couples & planners discover rustic & countryside gathering places,
brought to you by a wedding & commercial photographer, Ling M. of Trailing Twine Photography LLC

A Sneak Peek of What's Coming:

Finally, a clutter-free, informative website that's a dream come true...ALMOST!

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has created abundant free time on my hands as a wedding & event photographer, I created a beautiful online directory of all the different barn & farm event venues that I’ve bookmarked over the years for wedding couples. The venue pages of this website are pages that I construct myself based off of venues’ websites or information given. 

With so many events being rescheduled, cancelled, and numerous couples searching for alternative wedding locations, there is no better time than NOW to help event planners and couples to discover new outdoorsy places for their special event. 

This online directory has over 500 rustic venues in New England! However, the website is nowhere near completion. The longer it takes for venue pages & photos to be finished, the more we ALL miss out on opportunities. Please help me to launch BARNVENUES.US website soon. Let’s work together to help people celebrate the most important events of their life!

AUGUST 15, 2020 DEADLINE: SUBMIT VENUE PHOTOS (and get your photography business known!)

Help future engaged couples & event planners to visualize their ceremony, reception, or experience at a rustic venue. All photos should NOT contain identifiable people. These are "establishing shot" or high quality images that showcase the rustic atmosphere, country landscape, indoor/outdoor environments, etc. Photos can be submitted by professional photographers and/or the venue. The more photos, the merrier!

Some Features of a Rustic Venue

– there’s a barn for a reception

– or there’s a view of a barn or barn-like building, but just for photo opp’s (can’t go inside)

– the reception room has exposed wood, or timber frames for a “farm” feel

– it’s a farm of some sort, or used to be a farm

– eco-friendly, “green”, or environmentally-conscious

– Examples: farm, nature preserve/sanctuary, historic site, vineyard, timber-frame lodge, cabins, campground, park pavilion, rustic style banquet centers, tented receptions, etc.


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